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Master Of The Black Mill

Poster and flyer for a children’s play. The play is based on the famous German folk tale and fantasy novel Krabat, about a boy who joins the secret brotherhood of an evil warlock run from a windmill. The apprentices of the warlock/miller have the ability turn to ravens. After the death of one of his friends, Krabat turns against the warlock.

The play was staged in four actual windmills in the south of The Netherlands. The artwork was intended to feature all of the windmills and their specific locations. The client was adamant it should not appear ‘childish’ but make the old folktale look somewhat spooky, and appear cool again to kids who enjoy Harry Potter’s adventures.



The back of the flyer advertised Cinekid, a film festival featuring quality feature length movies for children.


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One thought on “Master Of The Black Mill

  1. littlecelticboy on said:

    Hey I really like it. Amazing stuff!!! What a great idea. I guess you’re using Photoshop. Please take a few minutes to check out my efforts if you have the time. All the very best. Shaun.

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